Tony Dowlers Hellhounds

The Hellhounds came together when guitarist/vocalist Tony Dowler, bassist Dave Burns and drummer Steve Tansley joined forces to create what can best be described as the ultimate blues rock power trio.

Between them they have toured extensively with various bands over the years, playing and headlining many festivals throughout the UK and Europe. Each of them looking for the opportunity to create something special after playing together some years ago, they finally have the chance to do just that.

Working from Tony's Manchester studio, the Hellhounds have recently been concentrating on fine tuning their material, spending most of their time together writing and working on songs for future recording projects. With recent gigs in England, Ireland & Europe including some festival appearances, the band plan to tour extensively throughout the UK and Europe promoting their new material. With other new projects also in the pipeline, the band will be releasing and performing new material as it is completed.

Tony built and equipped their recording facility several years ago for the purpose of recording the band. Facilities in the past had proven inadequate and never really captured the full potential of their music. Having the use of their own recording facility has become essential to their ongoing projects in the form of digital multi track recordings taken from their shows, (a concept born from the idea of developing a fast, portable, high quality format of capturing live performances using the latest digital technology) as well as their work in the studio. The early signs of using this method have been very promising and the band intend developing this further. Some of these first recordings are available to stream or purchase from the website player. There is also a live CD recorded at Caffee Toffee in the Netherlands with the kind help of Mr Noll Teunissen of Nolls Noyce, available from thier gigs.